Amain OEM/ODM ABS Electric 2 functions Medical Nursing Bed

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1. Factory direct sales, the price is favorable to wholesale buyers
2. One-stop supporting accessories, standard configuration: 1Cold rolled steel whole bed surface+2 pcs ABS injection composite head&foot board+2 pcs Drain hooks +2 handle+2 Infusion jack+4 Luxury mute castors
Other optional configurations: medical record folder, ABS stretched dining table, bedside table, anti-decubitus mattress, etc.
3. Customized beds can be implemented according to the needs of the hospital (freely matching bed boards, tables, guardrails, anti-collision foot brakes), more humane and more in line with market conditions
4. More related rehabilitation equipment can be matched and sold together, and one-stop procurement of hospital equipment will escort your cost and energy. Rehabilitation equipment includes: cervical and lumbar traction chair/bed+cane crutches walker+stool chair+infusion chair+accompaniment chair+gynecological examination bed+diagnosis bed+medical vehicle/cabinet/desk+nurse stool+doctor chair, etc.

5.More than ten years of experience in hospital bed factory production, holding CE, ISO, FDA (registering) certification products are sold well in countries with strict medical and health requirements such as the United States, Europe, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Japan, etc., after market inspection, the quality is reliable , after-sales warranty for 2 years

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Amain OEM/ODM Electric Adjustable 3 functions single Medical Hospital Bed Supplier for the Sick
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Product Name Electric Adjustable 3 functions single Medical Hospital Bed
Model AMHB-10
Size L2110 x W960 x H500mm
Loading Weight 200KG
Overall length 2110mm
Overallwidth 960mm
bed surface height 420-680mm
sleep surface length 1980mm
sleep surface width 900mm
backrest angle 0°-80°
leg section angle 0°-30°
weight capacity 260kg
Material Steel electro static spraying
Function Backrest tilting from 0°-80°Footrest tilting from 0°-45° Hi-lo function
1 pcs Linear Motor
1 pcs Double Drive Push Rod Motor

4 pcs luxury mute Castors

1 set Foldable Side Rail

1 set ABS Bed Ends with Safe Lock

1 set IV Pole

4 pcs IV Pole Prevision

2 pcs Drainage Hook

Packing Carton 211*96*50CM/1PCS
Application Hospital,clinic
Type Hospital Furniture
Certificates ISO,CE
Function 3 Functions
General Use Commercial Furniture
Castors 4 pcs luxury mute Castors
Color White,Bule
Product Features
1.Cold steel belt surface

(1)The bed material is made of high quality steel material,surface spray processing, solid bed frame weight up to 260KG,
Suitable for all weight range.safety and security, the rest assured , more assured use.
(2) The function of the back can reach 0°-80°degrees,the degree is freedom of adjustment,ifting leg function can stretch the legs, is conducive To the patients blood circulation,maintain the original function of the body, so as to protect the various parts of the body funclion recovery.
2. ABS head and foot board

Both the headboard and footboard are equipped with anti-collision strips, which can reduce the impact of the collision while transportation.


Side rails are made of prime aluminum alloy.The rails are normally locked for safety.
When putting the rails down, hold the ergonomic shaped red handle and press to unlock.


5.customized service

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