Introduction of ultrasound biopsy guide

What is an ultrasound biopsy guide?

Ultrasound biopsy guide, also known as puncture frame, or puncture guide frame, or puncture guide. By installing the puncture frame on the ultrasound probe, the puncture needle can be guided to the target position of the human body under ultrasound guidance to achieve cytological biopsy, histological biopsy, cyst aspiration and treatment.


Implications of interventional ultrasound

Interventional ultrasound has become an important branch of modern ultrasound medicine. In the process of ultrasonic intervention, various ultrasonic puncture probes and puncture frames attached to the probes are the tools of interventional ultrasound, which are developed on the basis of the development of ultrasonic imaging to further meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Its main function is to complete various operations such as biopsy, fluid extraction, puncture, angiography, vascular drainage, injection blood transfusion, and cancer focus injection under the monitoring or guidance of real-time ultrasound, which can avoid some surgical operations and achieve the same effect as surgical operations.


1, according to the material: can be divided into plastic puncture frame, metal puncture frame;

2, according to the way of use: can be divided into repeated use of puncture frame, one-time use puncture frame;

3, according to clinical application: can be divided into body surface probe puncture frame, cavity probe puncture frame;

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1. Compared with special puncture probe: puncture frame as an accessory of conventional probe procurement cost is low; Special puncture probe, need to soak sterilization, sterilization cycle is long, and the probe for a long time soaking will shorten its life, ordinary probe puncture frame as plastic or metal material, no above problems.

2. Compared with freehand puncture: the puncture guided by the puncture frame, the puncture needle travels along the guiding line set by the ultrasonic device and is observed by the ultrasonic monitor to accurately reach the puncture target;

3. Easy to use: at present, most of the ultrasonic probes are equipped with a structure for installing the puncture frame on the shell, and the operator only needs to install the puncture frame in place according to the requirements of the puncture frame instructions to perform subsequent puncture operations;

4.The design is flexible and can meet various clinical needs: according to different clinical needs, the puncture frame can be designed for one-time use or repeated use, multiple angles can be set, the puncture needle can be designed to meet different specifications, and the structure of the needle and the puncture frame body can be designed. In principle, any doctor's needs can be customized in the puncture frame.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types

1. Metal puncture frame

Advantages: repeatable use, long service life; Various disinfection and sterilization methods can be used in high temperature and high pressure, convenient and fast; Generally made of stainless steel, not easy to rust, strong corrosion resistance; Compared with disposable puncture frame, single use cost is low.

Disadvantages: the weight is heavier than the plastic puncture frame; Because it is manufactured by machining, welding, etc., the procurement cost of a single product is high.

2. Plastic puncture frame

Advantages: Through the elasticity of the plastic itself, it can be easily installed on the probe housing and installed quickly; Light weight, operator experience is better than metal puncture frame; Due to the manufacturing method of mold forming, the procurement cost of a single product is low compared with the metal piercing frame.

Disadvantages: plastic material, can not be high temperature and high pressure sterilization, only through liquid immersion or low temperature plasma sterilization; Due to the need for frequent immersion disinfection and sterilization, plastics are easy to age and have a relatively low service life.

3. Disposable puncture frame (the general cavity puncture frame is mostly disposable design)

Advantages: efficient and fast to use, open the package can be used, throw away after use; Due to the use of disposable sterilization packaging, there is no cross-infection problem, the use of the safest; Light weight, easy to assemble on the ultrasonic probe.

Disadvantages: Compared with the repeated use of the puncture frame, the patient's single use cost is high.

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