Congratulate! Amain MagiQ handheld Ultrasound Adds New Technology-Automatic Screening of Carotid Plaque

As the study show, stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disease, which is divided into ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. It is the first cause of death and disability in the adult population in my country. high rate feature. According to the "China Stroke Prevention and Control Report" in 2018, the standardized prevalence of stroke in people aged 40 and above increased from 1.89% in 2012 to 2.19% in 2016. Based on this, it is estimated that stroke patients aged 40 and above in my country It reached 12.42 million, while the number of stroke patients in the country reached 1.96 million every year.

A large proportion (50-70%) of strokes are caused by carotid plaques. With the progression of the carotid artery plaque, some (20-30%) of the plaques eventually progress to stroke. In the early stage, transient ischemic attack (TIA) or lacunar cerebral infarction can lead to severe stroke. Therefore, regular carotid artery screening is very necessary.

Carotid artery color Doppler ultrasound is a non-invasive examination method, which can be implemented in a very simple way; at present, the thickness of the blood vessel wall in the carotid artery, the type and location of plaque formation, the blood flow condition, and the degree of stenosis of the lumen can be detected early. People can predict the risk of stroke by the degree of stenosis and the type of plaque, and then determine the next treatment plan.

MagiQ H series palm ultrasonography is equipped with a variety of automatic software such as: carotid artery automatic identification, carotid intima-media automatic identification and measurement evaluation, carotid artery plaque automatic screening, one-key optimization of blood vessel color flow and automatic spectrum evaluation, etc. function, which greatly reduces the difficulty of evaluating carotid vascular plaques by ultrasound. The MagiQ H series is ultra-compact and flexible, easy to carry, easy to operate, easy to learn and use, and can be carried by community or family doctors for on-site examinations, greatly improving the efficiency of examinations


Automatic identification of carotid vessels

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Measurement and evaluation of carotid intima-media automatic identification

MagiQ H series carotid intima-media can be automatically identified, measured and evaluated in the palm of the hand. The measured values obtained by this function are compared with a large database of patients' gender and age to automatically assess the carotid intima-media risk.

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Automatic screening for carotid plaque

This innovative technology automatically and repeatedly identifies the carotid artery wall, intima-media thickness and attached plaque using the original RF signal multi-pulse technology. It can effectively and automatically identify hyperechoic, isoechoic, hypoechoic and mixed echogenic plaques.

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One-click optimization of blood flow and automatic spectrum measurement

The technology has a one-key optimization function, which can automatically adjust the size of the sampling frame and the blood flow angle, reduce the difficulty of using ultrasound, accurately and quickly calculate the cardiovascular clinical indicators in real time, and obtain the mean value and fluctuation evaluation value of 13 groups of parameters. A total of 34 It effectively abandons the disadvantages of manual error, low efficiency, and high requirements for manipulation caused by traditional manual measurement, helping physicians to quickly and comprehensively evaluate the possibility of cardiovascular system under the most convenient operating conditions, and provide preliminary screening for diseases a strong support.

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Carotid plaque screening is necessary!

Use the disease chain to compare the incidence of stroke, lifestyle and risk factors (smoking, obesity, alcoholism, sedentary inactivity, unbalanced diet, etc.) → disease risk factors (hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, etc.) → arteriosclerosis , plaque, stenosis → cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (stroke, coronary heart disease), which is a complete chain of diseases.

Carotid plaque is not the only cause of stroke, but it is an important cause. No matter whether there is stenosis or plaque, you should pay attention to controlling risk factors, including lifestyle risk factors and disease risk factors. This is the focus of our attention. Although carotid plaque screening is only one of them, it is an important window. If it is positive, we should continue to follow up, pay attention to the lifestyle and risk factors behind it, and make corrections in time. And this is significance.

The Amain MagiQ H series of handheld ultrasound  will continue to optimize the new technology of carotid plaque screening, making the color Doppler ultrasound screening of carotid plaques simpler, faster and more efficient.

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