Ultrasound companies and characteristics

When purchasing an ultrasound, do you care about the brand or the price of the ultrasound?

Let the author introduce ultrasound to you from an objective perspective.

International brands: GE, Philips, Siemens, Fuji Sonosonic, Hitachi Aloca, Italy: esaote, South Korea: Samsung, France: Sonic, Konica, etc.

Chinese ultrasound: Mindray, wisonic, sonoscape, EDAN, Landwind_, Zoncare, SIUI, Chison, pro-hifu, vinno, EMP, welld

01 General Medical GE

Overview: GE acquired Diasonics, an American ultrasound company, in 1998, and developed the radiological LOGIQ series of ultrasound products based on its own products. In 1998, GE acquired Vingmed, which gave birth to the VIVID series of ultrasound products that entered the cardiac field. In 2001, Kretz, an Austrian ultrasound giant, was acquired from MEDISON. With the company's advantages in 4D, it established the VOLUSON series of ultrasound in gynecology and obstetrics.

Advantages: The company's products are rich and diverse, and the whole body, obstetrics and gynecology, heart, and POC marketing systems are also very strong!

Market trends: The PCB department was disbanded in 2019. Last year, the structure of the GoBlue department was changed and adjusted. On the basis of the department, a new department was established below. The original department was engaged in direct sales, and the new department was mainly engaged in the distribution model. Since the new department was established not long ago, This has led to conflicts in the sales interests between the two departments, so the liquidity has been relatively high recently.

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02 Philips 

Overview: Philips originally sold one of its companies and invested in the medical industry with sufficient funds. As the two major ultrasound companies in the United States, ATL and HP, were acquired by Philips respectively, Philips subsequently had radiology and cardiac color ultrasound product lines. Earlier, Philips and Neusoft established a joint venture in 2005, each holding 51% and 49% of the shares. At that time, Philips controlled R&D and Neusoft was responsible for production. However, the five-year contract has expired.

Advantages: Product dominance is mainly in the cardiac field, and cardiac color ultrasound is often favored by cardiologists.

03 SamSung-Medison

Overview: Medison has always been known for its low product prices and superior 4D images. In 1996, they acquired Kretz, an Austrian company that excels in 4D, and sold Kretz to GE in 2001. They worked with GE to create a 4D ultrasound concept, and this market slowly formed. In the beginning, Korean products were low-priced and of poor quality. Ultrasound probes break down after only a few months of use, and are later forced to withdraw from many markets. The quality continued to improve in the later period, and it was slowly accepted by international customers.

Advantages: Originally Madison was a company specializing in obstetrics and gynecology professional color ultrasound products. After Samsung acquired Madison, it used its strong financial strength to increase investment and continuously expand its product line. The color ultrasound product models currently covered are also relatively rich, and they are gradually beginning to show considerable strength around the world.

04 Mindray

Overview: A listed leading company in the domestic medical device industry with strong R&D capabilities and product lines that are rapidly developing towards mid-to-high-end. Independent intellectual property rights are very important to enterprises. After the emergence of Mindray color ultrasound, the sales volume quickly surpassed that of Kaixiang Sheng.

Advantages: China's ultrasound market ranked third in terms of capacity in 2018, and its development momentum has been very strong in the past two years.

05 Sonoscape 

Overview: When it comes to opening, we must talk about Mr. Yao Jinzhong, the leader of the domestic ultrasound industry. Mr. Yao has been the director of Shanchao Research Institute for more than 20 years and has made huge profits for the company. Later, he left home and set up a company in Shenzhen with a few followers.

Soon after, China's first color ultrasound was created. Shantou Super League went to court with him over intellectual property issues. They attach great importance to absorbing foreign color ultrasound technology, so Mindray also claims that they built the first color ultrasound with independent intellectual property rights in China.

Before 2007, the sales volume of color ultrasound was still the first in the country, but after the emergence of Mindray DC-6, the sales volume was less than a quarter of Mindray. Now that these products have passed their life cycles, the pace of R&D is still somewhat conservative.

Advantages: Clear positioning, distinctive features, stepping into the mid-to-high-end fast lane, possessing many core technologies in the field of ultrasound probes. Ultrasound products have basically reached high-definition standards in terms of clear image reading, and can meet more than 90% of the needs of clinical departments.

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06 Sonosite

Overview: In 1999, some people from the American ATL Ultrasound Company came out to establish Sonosite Company, and then ATL was acquired by Philips.

Sonosite specializes in portable and point-of-care suspended ultrasound. A few years later, they and GE became the leader in portable ultrasound. The monitor is 5 to 7 inches, and the casing is sturdy, drop-resistant and wear-resistant. The product can provide 5-year warranty. The price is slightly higher.

Advantages: Focus on POC portable ultrasound and non-traditional ultrasound. Currently, it is the leader in portable ultrasound with GE. The products are mainly used in emergency, intensive care, anesthesia, ICU and other fields.

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07 Konica-Minolta

Overview: A company with a history of 140 years, from laser film to dry laser printer, to digital photography system CR, until now the emergence of Konica Minolta's own DR products. In 2013, Konica Minolta acquired the Panasonic Ultrasound Division. In July 2014, it produced the first color ultrasound diagnostic system, SONIMAGE HS1, and officially entered the ultrasound market.

Advantages: The product has strong image quality. The product's unique blue light technology punctures the gold needle, which is a blue laser. The process is clear and the positioning is accurate. Other features, such as wideband probes, image quality, and various functional software for elastography, are abundant.

The product market positioning is: mid- to high-end market, with dominant advantages in rehabilitation and pain departments.

There are several high-end portable ultrasound companies that are used in all departments, and there are plans to launch new products in 2020.

08 Hitachi-AlokaHitachi-Aloka

Overview: Hitachi and Toshiba products dominated most of the Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets in the 1990s. After the rise of China's productivity, their market share plummeted and they basically exited the Chinese market. Hitachi's R&D speed is very slow.

The disadvantage of ALOKA is the problem of sales channels. Agents in many areas are very weak, products are expensive, and sales have always been limited. Its highlight is eFlow imaging technology.


China's long-established Shantou Ultrasound Institute. They have developed independently and behind closed doors for many years. The company has a state-owned background, and its leaders all have the title of director. Therefore, there is insufficient new force and lack of R&D and sales talents. The color ultrasound was the foundation laid by Mr. Yao at that time.

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10 Emperor

Starting from black and white ultrasound in a down-to-earth manner, independent research and development for 6 to 8 years, and possessing all the technologies of color ultrasound, only two companies, Mindray and Emperor, can do this. Its advantages and disadvantages are that the research and development cycle is too long and a lot of markets are lost. Emperor 's style is more conservative. Market development is slow.

Early stage: Emperor' s ultrasound-guided uterine surgery instrument has a large market share in China.

11 Chison

Xiangsheng Company was established in Wuxi in 1996 by Mr. Mo. It is currently under overall management by Mr. Mo. They focus on the R&D and production of ultrasound. A variety of black and white ultrasonics have been available for a long time. Later, Xukaili launched color ultrasound products very early. They had 3D technology before Mindray. However, its color ultrasound products are not well accepted by customers.

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 12 EDAN

The bosses of edan and Mindray were both colleagues of Anke at Whampoa Military Academy. Later, after Mindray was established, it was sued by Anke and was not allowed to engage in the fetal monitoring business.

Edan has done an excellent job in the field of monitoring, especially fetal monitoring. His ultrasound research and development was once hindered, but this did not stop it from going on the market in 2011. So Mindray sued edan again. The two families found Anke to testify for intellectual property rights. After edan went on the market, it increased its efforts in ultrasound research and development. With its abundant sales channels for monitoring, it is believed that it can quickly launch ultrasound products into the market.

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A-Ultrasound equipment is commonly used in pig farms, especially for breeding farms, which can be used to measure pregnancy, backfat, eye muscle, and some equipment to repel birds and animals is also used in ultrasound. You may often use ultrasound equipment, but you may not know some of the relevant knowledge, this article is a simple review of ultrasound technology used in pig farms.

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave, the range of the human ear to feel the sound wave is 20Hz to 20KHz, more than 20KHz (vibration 20 thousand times a second) sound wave is beyond the range of human hearing can feel, so it is called ultrasound.
The sound wave used by general ultrasound equipment is much higher than 20KHz, such as the frequency of the general electronic convex array ultrasound pregnancy scanner is 3.5-5MHz.
The reason why ultrasound will be used to detect equipment is mainly because of its good directivity, strong reflection, and certain penetration ability. The essence of ultrasound equipment is a transducer, which converts electrical signals into ultrasound waves to be emitted, and the ultrasound waves reflected back are received by the transducer, which are converted into electrical signals, and the electrical signals are further processed to form images or sounds.

A ultrasound

asd (2)

Since the motor rotation frequency has an upper limit, the B-ultrasound of the mechanical probe will have a limit in clarity. In order to obtain higher resolution, electronic probes have been developed. Instead of using a mechanically driven transducer to swing, the electronic probe places a number of "A-ultrasound" (flashlights) in a convex shape, each of which is called an array element. The current controlled by the chip excises each array in turn, thereby obtaining a faster signal sending and receiving frequency than a mechanical probe.

asd (3)

But sometimes you will find that some electronic convex array probes have worse imaging quality than good mechanical probes, which involves the number of arrays, that is, how many arrays are used together, 16? 32 of them? 64 of them? 128? The more elements, the clearer the image. Of course, the concept of channel number is also involved.

asd (4)

Further, you will find that whether the mechanical probe or the electronic convex array probe, the image is a sector. The near image is small, and the far image will be stretched. After the interference of transmitting and receiving signals between the array elements is technically overcome, the array elements can be lined up into a straight line, and the electronic linear array probe is formed. The image of the electronic array probe is a small square, just like the photo. Therefore, when using linear array probes to measure backfat, the three-layer lamellar structure of backfat can be perfectly presented.

asd (5)

By making the linear array probe a little larger, you get the eye muscle probe. It can illuminate the entire eye muscle, and of course, due to the relatively high price of the equipment, it is often only used in breeding.

Are there C-ultrasounds and D-ultrasounds?
No C-ultrasounds, but there's D-ultrasounds. D ultrasound is doppler ultrasound, is the application of doppler principle of ultrasound. We know that sound has a doppler effect, which is when a train passes in front of you, the sound goes faster and then slower. Using doppler's principle, he can let you know whether something is moving towards you or away from you. For example, when using ultrasound to measure blood flow, two colors can be used to mark the flow of blood, and the color depth is used to indicate the blood flow. This is called color ultrasound.

Color ultrasound and false color
There are many people who sell B-ultrasound will advertise that their products are color ultrasound. Clearly not the color ultrasound (D-ultrasound) we talked about in the previous paragraph. This can only be called fake color. The principle is like a black and white TV with a layer of color film. Each point on the B-ultrasound represents the intensity of the reflected signal at that distance, expressed in gray scale, so which color is essentially the same.

A-ultrasound can be compared to one-dimensional code (bar code); B-ultrasound can be compared to two-dimensional code, with false color B-ultrasound is painted two-dimensional code; D-ultrasound can be compared to three-dimensional code.

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