Preliminary study of handheld ultrasound VS desktop ultrasound in the field of gastrointestinal

In order to explore the application prospect and feasibility of domestic ultrasonic inspection device (handheld ultrasound) in gastrointestinal imaging technology, the person in charge of the National Health and Health Commission went to the First People's Hospital of Zhejiang City to investigate and investigate.

The purpose is to use a domestic ultrasound scoping device (hand-held ultrasound) and an imported desktop ultrasound at the same time for comparison. No abnormality was found in case 1 (Fig. 1), and the five-layer structure of the gastrointestinal wall could be distinguished (Fig. 2). Case 2 was an abnormal case. The patient was a male patient in his 70s. He went to the doctor because of mild pain in the right upper quadrant. He had suffered from duodenal stromal tumor. After screening and comparison between the inspector (Fig. 3) and the desktop computer (Fig. 4), it was initially found that a solid hypoechoic mass in the upper right abdomen with clear boundary and intact capsule was about 2.2cm×2.5cm in size, and the internal echoes were all quality (Figure 5). The picture is as follows:

Figure 1 No abnormal case:

edtrf (1)

Figure 2 The five-layer structure of the stomach wall:

edtrf (2)

Figure 3 Inspector scan:

edtrf (3)

Figure 4 Desktop Scan:

edtrf (4)

Figure 5 The red circle is a duodenal stromal tumor:

edtrf (5)

So After watching the comparison of the sonogram of the same patient between the domestic ultrasonic inspector and a high-end color Doppler of a well-known foreign ultrasonic brand, Professor Lu Wenming, director of the Ultrasound Department of Huzhou First People's Hospital and a famous domestic gastrointestinal ultrasonography expert, believes that: Handheld ultrasound equipment can basically meet the needs of gastrointestinal contrast-enhanced ultrasound, which lays the equipment foundation for the grass-roots gastrointestinal angiography screening work. The domestic ultrasonic inspection device in this investigation is the 64-channel high-end palm ultra-blade series of MagiQ.

Domestic videoscope VS a well-known high-end color ultrasound brand:

edtrf (6)


Advantages of Ultrasound Inspection in Gastrointestinal Ultrasound

1. Small size, easy to carry, for patients with inconvenience of movement and long-term bedridden patients can provide door-to-door or bedside gastrointestinal ultrasound services;

2. The imaging is clear, submucosal lesions, gastric wall lesions and the adjacent relationship between each lesion and surrounding tissues can be observed, and gastric motility can also be observed, which makes up for the defects of lesions in the gastric wall that cannot be displayed by X-ray and gastroscope, especially ulcers and tumors. There are unique features in detection; such as exophytic stromal tumors and other outgrowing tumors.

3. It is painless, non-invasive, non-cross-infection, non-radiation, and can be repeatedly checked for long-term management before, during, and after surgery.

4.Equipped with a remote system, it can realize real-time remote consultation and sink high-quality gastrointestinal ultrasound resources to remote areas.

Application of Ultrasound Inspector in Gastrointestinal:

Most of the handheld ultrasonic inspectors have the advantages of clear images, simple operation procedures, and multi-functional software packages, which can clearly display the five-layer structure of the gastrointestinal wall and accurately detect the appendix and other intestinal diseases, which bring great benefits to medical work. It can help clinical real-time evaluation and provide patients with better medical services.

There are no conditions to purchase large-scale ultrasound in the community and remote mountainous areas, which limits the diagnosis and treatment, especially for some urgent diseases such as acute gastric ulcer and perforation, which are easy to delay the treatment; and clinical department examinations often require appointments and waiting time, which reduces the efficiency of doctors’ diagnosis and treatment.

With its advantages of small size, sensitivity, convenience, cost advantage, and no site environment requirements, the domestic ultrasonic inspection device can be connected to enter the ultrasonic working state in real time as long as it is turned on anytime, anywhere. People who go to large hospitals can achieve convenient medical treatment and medical services at their doorstep, which facilitates the real-time clinical judgment of the disease.

Post time: Feb-03-2023

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