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First aid emphasizes every minute and the first time. For trauma first aid, the best treatment time is within a few minutes to a few hours after injury. Rapid evaluation and treatment can reduce mortality and improve outcomes. With the continuous improvement of the elderly in our country, the demand of critical and severe emergency treatment rises along with it.

Modern first aid mainly consists of three parts: pre-hospital first aid, continuous treatment in the emergency department, and more complete treatment in the critical care unit (ICU, CCU).

Due to the complex environment and diverse patients, it is difficult for early physical examination to find problems at the first time in the emergency scene, so that many critically ill patients are not treated effectively before the hospital, resulting in the delay of their condition. Handheld ultrasound devices are particularly useful in this setting. SonoEye is lightweight, small in size and easy to carry. In a limited space, SonoEye can cooperate with emergency personnel to quickly assess the patient’s condition or injury, rescue, nursing, transport and monitoring the condition during transportation.


SonoEye participates in the rescue during the Beijing Winter Olympics

The application of ultrasound technology can rapidly, real-time, dynamically and repeatedly assess the patient’s condition, and guide the implementation of effective treatment. Rapid assessment, early diagnosis and timely intervention of critical illness are the challenges that emergency physicians must face. Bedside ultrasound provides emergency physicians with more and more clinical information of critical patients, which is known as a visual “stethoscope”.

The main clinical applications of ultrasound in prehospital emergency care are:

Trauma Examination (FAST)

Lung ultrasound

First aid focus on cardiac evaluation

First aid should focus on abdominal evaluation

Deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities

Obstetrics and gynecology emergency focus ultrasound

Ultrasound-guided venipuncture

Examination of Rib Fractures


Trauma Examination (FAST)

Abdominal and pelvic organ injury has become the main cause of early death in patients with severe trauma. For uncontrollable bleeding, early diagnosis and emergency exploratory laparotomy are often the only chance for survival. Handheld ultrasound plug and play, emergency personnel 3 to 5 minutes can quickly complete the scan.

wps_doc_1 wps_doc_2

Clinical legend of handheld ultrasound abdominal scan

Examination OF LUNG Diseases

Dyspnea is a common emergency in pre-hospital emergency care, and its diagnostic tools are often limited. Lung ultrasound has a high diagnostic value in differentiating Pulmonary edema from acute exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


BLUE solution

SonoEye handheld ultrasound has a dedicated lung default values, can enter a key to ensure the most excellent image, at the same time return to carry the AI system and intelligent pneumonia proprietary software B – Lines, through the intelligent identification of lung image B line, testing line number and B B line spacing, given different lung diseases intellisense, a quick check for lung disease.


DVT/ deep vein thrombosis

Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is a venous reflux disorder caused by abnormal clotting of blood in the deep veins, which mostly occurs in the lower extremities. Detachment of thrombus can cause pulmonary embolism.

Cardiac workup

Emergency Focus Echocardiographic assessment For patients presenting with acute dyspnea and shortness of breath, the three main goals are:

1) Determine the presence of pericardial effusion

2) Global left ventricular systolic function was evaluated

3) Assess the size of the right ventricle

wps_doc_5 wps_doc_6 wps_doc_7 wps_doc_8

Clinical legend of handheld ultrasound cardiography

Internal diameter and volume status of the inferior vena cava

Inferior vena cava (IVC) is the main vein that collects blood from many veins in the lower extremity, pelvis and abdominal cavity, passes through the vena cava fossa of the liver, passes through the diaphragm, and finally flows back to the heart, belonging to the category of central vein.

Inferior vena cava ultrasonography is increasingly used in patients with acute and critical cardiovascular diseases, which is of great significance in the decision-making of fluid resuscitation in heart failure, cardiogenic shock, septic shock-related myocardial depression and other diseases.


Clinical legend of handheld ultrasound abdominal scan

Obstetrics and gynecology, Emergency lesion

Ultrasound can be used for rapid screening in special emergency cases of obstetrics and gynecology, such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidiform mole, abortion, placenta previa, early placental dissection, and pregnancy complicated with pelvic mass.


Ultrasound-guided venipuncture

Ultrasound can clearly display the deep tissue structure of the human body, and accurately locate the target. At the same time, it can observe the dynamic changes of the target in real time to avoid serious complications. The puncture guidance line and puncture enhancement function of handheld ultrasound can help doctors improve the success rate of puncture at first attempt, reduce the puncture time, improve efficiency and reduce the pain of patients.


Ultrasound-guided puncture

There are many models of SonoEye, which can cover the whole body. At the same time, Handheld ultrasound is equipped with a 5G remote system, so that emergency doctors can transmit the ultrasound information obtained before the hospital back to the hospital in real time, so that the patient’s information arrives first, which is conducive to the hospital to prepare personnel, equipment and treatment plan in advance, so that patients can obtain high-quality and efficient treatment.


Handheld ultrasound supports 5G remote

With the development of ultrasound technology, as well as the increase of clinical professional precision medicine demand, SonoEye ultrasound has gained a lot of feedback in the field of acute and critical care, rapid diagnosis and qualitative assessment of patients, it is very helpful to help emergency doctors to perform ultrasound examination immediately at the bedside of patients, adjust diagnosis and treatment measures in time and monitor the treatment effect at the same time. Emergency bedside ultrasound has become one of the indispensable diagnostic tools in the emergency department.


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