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Ultrasound is more and more widely used in clinic. As an inspection tool, how to use ultrasound equipment correctly is the premise of obtaining ideal images. Before that, we need to briefly understand the composition of ultrasound equipment.

Ultrasound equipment composition

The basic components of the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument include: transmitting and receiving units, digital scan code converter components, keyboards, panel switch components, ultrasonic probes, monitors, photographic components and power supply components.

Ultrasound equipment is generally mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Display: present high-definition images;

2. Operation panel: the main control center, giving a detailed operation information;

3. Probe (transducer): used to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals;

4. Host: mainly processes and displays, stores and transmits the signals received from the probe;

5. Other external devices: printers, external monitors, pedals, etc.

Here are a few of the most common ultrasonic instruments.


Application:Generally seen in the ultrasound room, the function is comprehensive, the image is clear, and it is suitable for whole body scanning.


B.laptop ultrasound:A notebook-style portable ultra-portable that can be carried around, generally used by the bed.


C.Handheld Ultrasound - A New Generation of "Inspector"


Amain technology  has been focusing on the ultrasound industry for 13 years. With the accumulation of experience and technical advantages in portable and small ultrasound, it integrates complex medical workflow and humanized interaction into a mobile phone-sized palm ultra, and launches a new generation of ultrasound. "Inspector".


SonoEye integrates a powerful ultrasound engine into an APP on mobile devices.

The display becomes a mobile phone and tablet that can be connected arbitrarily. After installing the APP, you can scan it immediately after connecting to the palm ultra;

The functional area is a fan-shaped operation interface, and all operations can be completed with only one finger without pressing any keys.


Diagnosis-level images, IPX7-level waterproof, compact and lightweight shape, so that the Palm Ultrasound is no longer limited to indoor application scenarios, but can go outdoors. It can be easily used in various departments, wards, and even schools, mountain villages, ambulances, etc. It is urgent to carry out clinical work under the scene to help doctors save lives.

With the popularization of ultrasound in clinical specialties, in the future, Palm Ultrasound will contribute to the help of visual and precise diagnosis and treatment

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